Apparently I lust for great laundry rooms.

I could spend hours (upon hours upon hours) dreaming up ways to organize my house. Because if there’s one thing I love, it’s organization. (Just kidding. If there’s one thing I love, we all know it’s shoes.) (JUST KIDDING. I LOVE MY SON.)

Anyway. One of my favorite things to do to waste time on the internet is scour Pinterest for… well, everything really. But there’s a lot of good home decor and organization stuff there! Links to a whole slew of websites like Southern Living and Country Living, and Homesavvy and Apartment Therapy.

What are some of my favorites? I’m so glad you asked!

The best tip to declutter your home? Clean in chunks. One thing at a time!

File under: DUH.


Why didn’t I think of that? (Except, then where do I put my trash can?) But seriously, you should see the disaster that’s under my kitchen sink. Actually, on second thought? Scratch that. Nobody should see that shit.

For: The Husband

My husband’s areas – the basement and the garage – are probably the WORST areas in our house. This, and similar ideas, will help tremendously!


Aside from maybe the color, this is perfection. I just. Yes.

I love this. Paint a pallet. Hang said pallet. Voila. (Except, I have no wall space for this. Sad face.)


Absolute perfection. Our linen closet is in definite need of some shelving and baskets, but I’m actually not too far off from something like this. Except the door. We have a curtain. Tomato, tomahto.

So cute.

I would LOVE to have a flat countertop on top of our washer/dryer like this. Maybe then I wouldn’t lose socks behind the machines… Ahem.

So pretty, and so functional! I want our laundry room to be this.

So, apparently I am in love with laundry rooms. I spend a surprising amount of time in our laundry room – that’s where I do all the folding, etc. Dog hair and dust threaten clean clothes everywhere else in the house, so in the laundry room it stays until I can tuck it all away into dressers and closets.

I also LOVE home office and desk organization but that part of our house is nonexistent right now so I don’t even want to talk about it.

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