Jeggings and babies and dreams

I never thought I’d be the kind of girl who would willingly buy black pants that aren’t slacks or allow a combination of jeans and leggings to become part of my vocabulary and closet, but here I am as the proud new owner of a black pair of jeggings.

They’re much cuter than the website makes them look.

In my late teens, fresh out of high school and looking with starry eyes into the future, I declared my life would be a child-free one. Marriage? Maybe. But definitely not kids. I wanted to travel and do all the things that involved spending all my money on myself. And here I am as the proud mother of a little boy who continues to steal my heart and take my breath away on a daily basis.


As an ambitious college student, I had big dreams of moving to the city – I didn’t know which city necessarily, but San Diego sounded nice – after graduation and working as a copy editor at a daily newspaper. Now here I am as a proud ex-journalist with visions of stay-at-home-mommyhood.

Life almost never turns out how we plan. There are curveballs and forks in the road and just a general shitstorm of things that come up that we never expect. That’s the beauty of it. Can you imagine how boring this all would be if it went perfectly as planned?