Oresund Bridge and sweet bread dreams.

In light of my recent busy-ness, I haven’t really had time to post much about my beloved project subject, Sweden. But rest assured my brain is officially clogged of all things Sweden.

I think the most intriguing (memorable) thing I’ve yet discovered is the Oresund Bridge. It’s a little over 10 miles long, starting in Malmo, Sweden, with the longest cable-stayed main span in the world that connects to a man-made island that then connects to the world’s longest submersed tunnel for road and rail traffic before connecting to Copenhagen, Denmark. Those crazy Swedes and their engineering.

And Peter scoffs at “ze German enginnering.”

Some other interesting factoids about Sweden:

  • The country has nearly 2,000 miles of coastline.
  • About 15% of the country lies north of the Arctic Circle.
  • Sweden joined the European Union in 1995 but has yet to adopt the Euro as its currency.
  • Sweden’s constitution lists at least six fundamental freedoms and rights: freedom of expression, freedom of information, freedom of assembly, freedom to demonstrate, freedom of association and freedom to worship.
  • “Smorgasbord” is a Swedish term, translating to something about sandwiches on a table.
  • They have a hotel made completely of ice and snow.

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