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A couple months ago I stumbled upon this website about The Secret Language. It’s kind of like astrology, only way more in-depth and way, way, way more interesting. (And, according to the website, the traits were “found during a 40-year empirical study of more than 20,000 people, organized by birthday.” So, like, none of that guessing crap.

It gives you a TON of information based on your birthday… by day, week, month. I thought I’d share some of the most interesting things I “learned” about myself:

Day of Original Style: August 1

Traits: Forceful, realistic, visionary, difficult, isolated


“Behind a serious, even stoic exterior, however, they have a surprisingly developed sense of humor. Such humor is more often than not on the dark side and can assume a highly ironic or sardonic tone. Those born on this day are capable of directing verbal barbs with frightening accuracy but within their inner dialogue may be equally merciless toward themselves.”

I kind of feel like I could just copy and paste most of the text because SO MUCH OF IT IS SPOT ON FOR ME.

“Those born on August 1 are not the easiest people to get along with. Since they themselves are the only boss they tolerate, they are generally unsuited for jobs where they must work with superiors. Most are comfortable in leadership roles within the family, workplace or artistic world, with those exceptions who suffer from an underlying sense of inferiority. Life is particularly difficult for such August 1 people, for they are not cut out to be “chiefs” and dissatisfied with being “braves.” Those born on August 1 are often caught up in the middle of a swirling word of controversy. No matter what they do, they seem to arouse the interest and sometimes antagonism of others. Indeed, dealing with the negativity directed against them can become second nature, as they are highly adept at defending themselves with language.”

See? Words are my thing. I’ve known this for years.

Week of Authority: July 26-August 1

Traits: Truth-loving, loyal, passionate, frustrated, demanding, egotistical

The advice offered for the Week of Authority was probably the part that hit closest to home for me:



Month of the Commander: July 23-August 23

“Those born this month not only tend to operate on their own terms but generally display the strength to refuse an offer which is not acceptable and the steadfastness necessary to stick with their decision.”

“Their home is their castle. Those born during the Month of the Commander must be proud of where they live, and when happy with their living arrangements, enjoy nothing more than sharing hospitality with others.”

The really cool thing about The Secret Language is that you can also look up characteristics of a relationship. So, I did what any girl in a relationship would do: I looked to see how my husband and I match up.

Relationship: Sharing the Truth

Traits: Idealistic, communicative, practical, neglectful, rigid, frustrating

Well, that sounds hopeful.

“Any internal struggles within the relationship often result from irritations and frustrations caused by neglect of pressing emotional issues.”

BUT, our relationship is apparently ideal for marriage!



So I mean, I’m totally counting that as a win.

I think I was most nervous about what I would read when I checked to see what it had to say about my relationship with E. And, apparently, for good reason.

Relationship: Molten Feelings

Traits: Understanding, passionate, quality-oriented, stressful, willful, unpredictable

Which sounds about right for a mother and her son, but then you read:

“Problematic for… FAMILY.”

Oh. Sweet.

“Week of Authority parents are always fiercely protective of their children, but here this trait can manifest in expectations that are just too high, making Week of Independence offspring rebel.”

Note to self: TAKE IT EASY ON THE KID. A rebellious son I do not want.

What is your Secret Language? What’s your relationship like with your spouse/significant other/child/niece/nephew/dog? Visit The Secret Language and let me know in the comments!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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