Thoughts on baby #2

I’m becoming more and more excited about this pregnancy. Excited about this baby. Excited about E becoming a big brother. Excited to be the mother to another little one. And yes, even excited about the newborn stage. The cuddles and snuggles, the only-will-sleep-on-your-chest newborn stage.

I am excited.

With E, I was nervous… about just about everything. I have a better idea now, though, of what to expect, what we need. It’s a nice feeling – peaceful, reassuring. I’ve got this. (I’m only really nervous about the recovery part. Holy stitches, Batman. Not looking forward to that.)

How lucky are we? To get to choose to expand our family, when we want, on our terms. So lucky.

Last night I felt for the first time what I was sure was the baby moving. I was laying on our bed on my stomach (because I’m not going to be able to do that for much longer!) when it started. I rolled over frantically and exclaimed, “THE BABY IS MOVING! GIVE ME YOUR HAND!” P was even able to feel a little of it – he described it as a tap. I thought we were both going to cry. Amid everything else we’ve been dealing with lately*, it was nice to have a moment that was pure joy.

So lucky. So blessed.


* Isn’t this the definition of #vaguetweets? Except, you know, this isn’t a tweet. Details to come on my vagueness though. Not ready to put it all out there, here, yet.

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