If I had another Christmas to shop for…

This is a first for me but at this point I’m basically done Christmas shopping for this year. So of course that’s when I would learn about a retailer I’ve never heard of and go to their website and instantly fall in love. Urbanara has such pretty things, y’all!

If I could go Christmas shopping again, here are some things I would definitely consider buying (either as gifts for other people or, you know, for myself *ahem*)

Christmas Decor


I love, love, love Christmas. And I love, love, love wreaths. Always have, always will. I bought one once, and my dogs destroyed it… so now I don’t have one. I think I need this one! Isn’t  it pretty?

These two sets of Christmas ornaments. I mean, look at them! Those reindeer are adorable, and I would love to customize them further by getting kids’ names embroidered on the back, maybe with a year. Oh! They would make such neat gifts for someone if you did that.

And those wooden ornaments. I love the rustic look they have. I’m tempted to say these would be neat if you painted them white or red or something, but I think they’re kind of perfect the way they are.

UrbanaraChristmas3 UrbanaraChristmas1



Here’s a few more things with that rustic feel that’s oh-so-popular right now. (Have I ever discussed here how I think it’s hilarious that this “rustic” stuff is so popular? What most people call “rustic,” I call “free hand-me-downs from someone’s grandma who’s lived in the country her whole life.” But hey, if that means my freebie furniture is all of a sudden trendy or in style and not “old fashioned,” then I’m cool with that I guess.)


The thing about grating cheese – because sometimes, yes, I do actually grate my own cheese when I’ve either (a) run out of the pre-shredded cheese or (b) decided to not be lazy and use my pre-shredded cheese – is that I’m never sure what I wanted to grate it into. A bowl? A plate? A paper plate to throw away? Too many decisions. And, so, I like this cheese grater because it makes that decision for me. AND it’s cute. Two-in-one!

If these coasters aren’t “rustic,” then I have no idea what rustic really is. Also, if they aren’t SO COOL, then I don’t know what cool is either. Coasters always go unused in my house, but I don’t care. I want these. They’re cool.


Yeah, I Want That



Guys , I have this thing about stationary… and that’s that I adore it. I could spend hours (and lots of money) on this kind of stuff. Unfortunately, like the coasters, they tend to go unused at my house. It’s like I can never find the right use for them, so I don’t use them because, um, I don’t want to waste itAnd then it kind of goes to waste because it just sits there. Sad.


These scarves – helloooo cashmere, come to mama – and this quilt look(s) warm and it’s cold outside and I want it/them right now thankyouverymuch. Is it cold as shit where you are, too? Because it’s been cold as shit here. Like, my drive this morning was above 15 degrees F and IT FELT WARM. Like, hey, maybe I don’t need 14 layers of clothes on today. Maybe I’ll be okay with just 8 layers.

Cold. as. shit.




The flooring throughout almost the entirety of the main floor is hardwood. Beautiful hardwood. Cold hardwood. I want area rugs. However, I don’t want to vacuum said area rugs (nor do I want to pay for them because excuse me but have you seen the price of a good rug lately? Yeah. Also I tend to like light-colored rugs and that just doesn’t work so well when you live in the country surrounded by sandy dirt, sage brush, and you live with dogs. (IT’S DIRTY HERE.)


But, let’s pretend I don’t live in the country surrounded by sandy dirty and sage brush and with dogs. Let’s pretend I lived somewhere clean without dirty dogs. I would seriously get some pretty area rugs. Like these.

And then I’d get a cute little doormat like this and I’d live happily ever after.



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