Keeping my fingers crossed

First of all, Happy May! I can’t believe a third of the year is gone already.

Next month, Pete and I will be celebrating two years together… and it blows my mind. Through all the difficulties we have – that every couple endures – it amazes me sometimes how easy it is to be with him.

Enough with the mushy stuff. Y’all don’t wanna read that, anyway.

On to the good stuff: Remember yesterday how I wrote about tweakers scaring the bejeezus out of me? Well, it was the last straw for Pete and even more so for me.

After he called me to tell me what happened, I immediately starting digging (again – it’s been sort of ongoing for the past few months) for rentals in the area. I found four possibilities in the classifieds alone (gotta love them newspapers) and today Pete called on a couple of them.

Nobody answered his first phone call, so he called on another one. It sounded pretty decent so we decided to check it out before he had to head into work this afternoon.


Guys, this place is amazing. Acreage, a shop, hardwood floors, more than enough cupboard space in the kitchen, more than enough space EVERYWHERE actually. The pets are OK. There’s a POND. And a gazebo. And flowers and trees and… it’s gorgeous. And affordable. AND, if we take care of the property, there’s a chance we could get reduced rent.

I almost cried when we drove up. Then I almost cried looking through the windows (the owners weren’t in town).

I almost cried when another guy interested in renting it pulled up.

But then I told Pete to call the landlord and tell her RIGHT NOW that we’re interested in moving in, like, yesterday.

He did. And he talked to her for a few minutes, set up the usual particulars when trying to rent a place and she said she’d call back. She did. I talked to her this time, since Pete had gone to work, and we talked for awhile. We laughed, we got along. It looks promising, but she did mention another family is interested.

So we’ll see.

Keep your fingers crossed.

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