The new year isn’t usually a big deal for me, not like it seems to be for so many people. Sure, I’ll watch the ball drop on TV or go hang out with some family, but big New Year’s parties have never really been my thing. Nor do I usually spend a lot of time reflecting on the year that has past. A large part of that is because my memory is awful and I can’t remember what happened before last Tuesday.

But that’s why I Facebook. I’m not even kidding – it’s the easiest at I’ve found to document my life and gives me a resource to remember what the heck I did last month.

Which is how I know my 2013 was rad.

I got my first (and only, as of right now) tattoo… appropriately, on Mother’s Day weekend.


I went to Las Vegas for the final installment of Bloggers in Sin City, and it was even more amazing than I expected. (And believe me, I had high expectations!)

I celebrated my two-year wedding anniversary and my 27th birthday.


My husband got a really great buck during muzzleloader season. I have never been so proud of my hunting husband!


We announced to the world that we are expecting our second child in May. Later we announced that E will have a baby brother!


E turned 2 and I planned a (rather cute, if I do say so myself) John Deere party for him.


I got a Keurig and learned who my real friends are. I learned to let things go, to stop holding grudges and how to fishtail braid.

And of course there were the holidays, the lovely holidays during which we were blessed with so much love and generosity.

2013 started off pretty rough, I’m not going to lie about that. But when you start at the bottom, the only direction you can go is up. Today, on the last day of 2013, I can wholeheartedly say this was a very, very good year. Let’s do this, 2014.


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