A quiet return

Oh, how I have missed this space.

Things have been so hectic since my Little E was born in May… of last year! He is nearing his 9-month mark and I am in complete disbelief. I am so thankful I’ve been home with him all this time; I can’t imagine how quickly time would be passing me by if I were still going to work every day.

But, in an attempt to quietly return to myself, I have made a resolution of sorts to write more. So here I am. I’m not sure what took me so long to realize that since I don’t always have the opportunity to sit at the computer and write, there’s nothing wrong with doing it from my phone. So, duh. Here I am.

I thought it would help my writing to share a quote or photo or some other piece of inspiration. I’m on Pinterest pretty regularly and I’m always finding things that tug at my heart there. Like this:


This took me back. Agatha Christie was the first author I really cared about. My brother recommended one of her books to me years ago, “And Then There Were None.” Reading this quote the other day, even though I’d read it a hundred times before, definitely took me down memory lane… to a time when reading required actual books, and also to those times when I’ve been racked with sorrow.

But life really is a grand thing.

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