My baby, my baby

My Little E is growing up. Crawling and standing and trying to walk. Learning to clap. Wearing 2-piece pajamas.

It makes me so sad. He is MY BABY. And soon he will no longer be considered a baby but a toddler, and then I won’t have a baby anymore.


And don’t even get me started on Big E. He’s just so… big. He starts preschool this fall and even though it’s still, like, 8 months away I’m still having a pretty hard time with it. Wasn’t he just a baby yesterday?


Sigh. I mean, the one baby thing he was holding on to is gone (diapers) and now he’s just this… boy. This hilarious, smart, active, speaking in full sentences, making jokes BOY.

Time. It goes by so quickly. The days drag on forever sometimes but the weeks, months, years… they’re gone before you know it and all of a sudden your baby is wiping your kisses off his cheek and you’re left wondering when your heart grew legs and jumped out of your body wearing Spiderman rain boots.

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