My not-so-hellish week has turned into a hellish 30 hours. This effing media ethics exam is most likely going to be the death of me.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Dr. (Elizabeth) Hindman, but I think that lady might be a bit off her rocker if she expects us to know all this shit well enough to write an essay on it. Honestly I think I’d have better luck if her study guide consisted of the simple directions to be able to recite, verbatim, the entire goddamn Holy Bible.

I just keep telling myself, Cs get degrees, Cs get degrees… buut you can’t fake it on an exam with only two to three essays on it. And to make matters worse, my big Sweden project is right after the ethics exam. Talk about stress. Yowza!

Come Thursday night, I predict I’ll be in dire need of copious amounts of alcohol. Or tranquilizers. Same thing.

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