Well, hi there.

It’s… been awhile. I know. While I’m not apologizing for not posting (because… this is my blog and I’ll post when I want to!), I am offering a bit of an explanation. For the, like, three of you out there that might care. Heh.

It probably goes without saying that I’ve been busy. I mean, I have two kids… two very active boys… and yeah, I’ve been busy. I am still working (very) part-time from home, and I’ve also added my own business on top of it all!

Yes, you read that right. I’m not going to sit here and sell you anything, but if you’re curious, I’m not an Independent Consultant for Jamberry Nails.

Independent Consultant

I’d love to write about all the shenanigans my boys get into (who, by the way, are now ONE and THREE… wtf) but I’m tired. So instead, here are some pictures of what Jamberry has done for me.

11 thoughts on “Well, hi there.

      1. I like it, Gorilla was fresh, Trucks was over done to big budget. ( or at least it seemed that way). This is facthstin.Wao could have cast a better pair!Question is… how long before they change the music track and/or someone makes a spoof of it.Not long i’d imagine.

        1. Perché non vuoi che vadano via, se tu stesso li chiami invasori ?In estrema sintesi, perchè una nazione che ha da scegliere tra il regime di Saddam Hussein e la guerra civile dovrebbe pregare ogni giorno per essere invasa dagli Stati Uniti.Comunque, se come pare gli USA stanno iniziando la ritirata, vedremo quanto sbagliata e razzista, o no, è la mia idrcsCiaoFeance.ao

        2. Olen lukenut kaikki muumikirjat, ihan joitain alkukirjoja (suuri tuhotulva) lukuunottavaa.Ongelma on siinä, että Tove Janssoninkin tyyli muuttuu kirjasta toiseen, joskin elämänfilosofia ei niinkään muutu.Kannen kuva on Muumipappa ja merestä (luullakseni?), jossa muumi tulee alas majakasta. Majakka on kirjan alussa kuvattu varsin ankeaksi paikaksi ja kaikilla tökkii. Lopuissa kirjoissa on filosofiaa eniten, mutta alkupään kirjoissakin tulee esille suhde nipottajiin, ja filosofeihinkin, koska Pyrstötähden filosofi on kuvattu hyvin 🙂

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