And so it begins

Oh hey, I have a blog. Or at least I pay for one, as the surprise domain renewal charge I got today says. So I guess I’ll use it!

Today was Big E’s first day of preschool, and although I’ve been talking to him about it for months… dropping him off did not go well. He was NOT happy to be at school, he was NOT okay with the idea that I was leaving him there, and he most certainly DID want to go home.

He cried. I cried. Little E cried.

We all cried.

But thank god I know the school employees so well and that they are all so kind and caring. I still have a little less than an hour before I need to pick him up, and I have received three separate updates on him, all from different employees. The principal called me shortly after I left, the teacher sent me a picture of him soon after that of him settled and playing, and then my friend (a custodian at the school) sent me a video of him playing.

He’s fine. I’m fine. Little E is happy to have free reign of the toys in the house while big brother is gone. We’re all fine.

Except I could really use a hug.

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