Moment of zen

I think these two girls will probably end up saving my sanity (or what’s left of it). So far, my experience has been that the world could be crashing down around me but I see a picture of them and all my problems seem to melt away.

Here’s the most recent picture I received from Michelle. Keatyn is on the left, nearer the top of the phone, and Shaylee on the right, nearer the bottom. I just love Shaylee little big eyes and how alert and curious (and cute) she always seems. Even when she’s spitting up. And then there’s Keatyn, and what can you say, really, except that she’s beautiful? OK, maybe I’m a little biased here, but you can’t possibly tell me these aren’t the two most adorable little girls you’ve ever seen. And if you can, you’re obviously lying.

I just can’t believe how big they’re getting – or how fast time has gone by, but that’s a post for a different time. They turned three months old last week (March 18) and already they’re nearing size 6-9 mo. in clothing. Holy! When they were born and Michelle and Dave could first take them home, preemie size stuff was too big for them! I’m really hoping to be able to go see them again soon, because I cried my eyes out when I left them over spring break. While I was driving back to Ephrata to see Peter again before I had to make the trek back to Pullman, I found myself worrying about them on their journey to the west side. Would there be snow on the pass? Would their little ears pop because of the altitude changes? Would that hurt them? They’re obviously too young to chew gum to help with that… ha.

I just love them so much and when I’m reminded of them and how much they mean to me, the possibility of not doing well on one little ethics exam really seems less important… by far.

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