Lake to lake

It was even better than I expected.

The master bedroom has a sliding glass door to outside. The closet spans the entire width of the room and is doored (is that a word?) – yes, it has DOORS omg – with mirrored sliding doors.

Also, that was such a horrible sentence that I’m not even going to bother editing it. Laugh away.

The bathroom’s big. Big mirror. Big. Enough said.

Second bedroom has a decent-sized closet and is connected to…

An office! Which also has a door leading outside. So that’s three doors into the house. Compared to currently? One.

Living room? Big.

Kitchen? Big. And has hardwood floors.

Shop? Big.

Lawn? Big.

Everything’s big. And beautiful. And I love it all.

And as of June 1, it’s OURS!

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