New blogs, mean/nice people and moving, moving, moving

We live in exciting times.

One of my very best friends just started blogging! I know you’re JUST as excited as I am. I can tell.

This girl is amazing, I don’t even know how to explain it. She’s hilarious and SMART and honest, often brutally so. In short: awesome.

But I mean, that’s not why she started a blog. The fact that she blogs now (can I really say that when she’s got a grand total of one post so far? Yes, yes I can.) just makes her even awesomer. Mhmm, awesomer. My blog, I’ll make up words if I wanna.


She started writing to talk about something she’s been dealing with for years now. In fact, she’s been dealing with it for years before she even knew she was dealing with it!

Ha. I bet you’re confused.

Molly was recently diagnosed with Lyme disease, and it’s been a struggle for her, to say the least. After being ignored and misdiagnosed, she finally found out what’s been causing her pain and suffering for years. She’s my age – I’m actually a whole 30 days older than her – and she’s pretty sure she contracted the disease in late elementary school/early junior high (I think she said sixth grade, but don’t quote me on that).

So she’s writing about it. She told me she hopes it will help her cope with it, because keeping it all in to herself basically makes her head want to implode. Or explode. Either way, it wouldn’t be pretty.

Go check her out, if you’re so inclined. She tends to ramble (she admits this freely) and her first (and as of now, only) post is a bit long, but it’s conversational and easy to read.

In other news, I had another My Turn published. HOWEVER, the web guru apparently forgot to put it online (and I apparently forgot to fix it tonight before I left the newsroom), so you’ll all just have to wait.

To sum it up, though: Not all people are assholes.

In other other news, Pete and I finished Round One of The Move and all was successful. A couple amazing members of his family hauled a horse trailer to the house for us to fill, then hauled it to the new house and before I knew it, TADA! Half the house was empty. Sa-weet. One more trip like that (this weekend?!) and we’ll be OUTTA HERE.

0 thoughts on “New blogs, mean/nice people and moving, moving, moving

  1. I <3 when real life friends start blogging. It’s so encouraging and exciting. I’m definitely going to check her place out.

    And I’m so happy to hear that the first round of the move went well! That’s so exciting!

  2. haha. i was really hoping she actually did barf. because the shoulders of all my shirts i wore in the tri-cities are covered with baby drool. damnit kaci. how are we supposed to bond now?

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