The day the telephone (potentially) changes my life

First, I finally talk to a Les Schwab guy and unfortunately I can’t get the Jetta to the doctor until Thursday afternoon. BUT I’m hopeful that the alignment is the only thing wrong and after Thursday I’ll be mobile once again.

Then, just when the bus I’m riding to the all-staff meeting for the Evergreen/worst budget meeting ever before we start production gets to the Bookie, I get a phone call. I almost didn’t even know my phone was ringing because I was rocking out to “The Boondocks” by Little Big Town on my iPod… and when I saw on the caller ID that it was “unknown” I almost didn’t answer…

But thank God or something I did!

Turns out it was the editor from the Columbia Basin Herald. I sent my resume and whatnot there a couple weeks ago without really thinking anything would come of it. However, he said their paginator could possibly be leaving in the next few weeks, so he would need a replacement. He said he thought I’d fit in pretty well there (though I’m sure the staff is quite a bit older, but I’ll deal) and all in all it sounds pretty promising. In my opinion, if he’s calling to find a replacement, there’s a good possibility that he’s actually going to need that replacement.


Keep your fingers crossed, y’all.

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