On promises and expectations

Don’t expect something you’re not prepared to receive, and don’t promise what you’re not ready to give. You can’t fault me for walking through the door you’re holding open.

That’s not how this works.

Where there should be trust, there are instead tests. Let’s see what she does… I don’t like games. Please don’t invite me to play. Chances are, you won’t like the outcome.

I thought I was passed the stage in my life where I’d have to question these types of things, but apparently some people never grow out of it. I learned long ago that the people who most loudly tout that they hate drama, are the ones most oft involved.

One thought on “On promises and expectations

  1. That last line! Someone saying anything indicating they don’t want drama on dating sites/apps is an automatic no for me.

    Is there anyone who LIKES drama? The only people I see stating they don’t want it seem to be the ones creating/attracting it.

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