The thumbs can't take it!

I’ve decided that, despite how much I FREAKING love this house, we must move out of it. Immediately.

And closer to civilization. Where it’s not impossible to find internets.

Cuz I’m sorry, but paying for internet service every month with a DATA LIMIT (like, through our cell phone provider)? No thanks.

So we have to move. because I’m SICK and TIRED of spending so much goddamn time alone with NO INTERNET! AaaaaAaaAaahhhHhhhHhHhh!

How serious am I right now. Not sure. The world may never know…

What I do know? I can’t blackberry for the rest of my life! The thumbs can’t take it!

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  1. well i only have a little bit while left here. going to the tri the next two weekends. so we HAVE to hang out again before i leave, hooker

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