The hell is over… almost

The massive term paper profiling Sweden is as done as it’s ever going to be, especially considering I turned it in today. I had some serious problems with it – like one of the main parts dealing with tourism (target markets) was severely lacking in both quality and quantity thanks to the perks of group projects (this is an international tourism class) – but it is what it is. I can’t change it now and probably wouldn’t if I could because, well, I’m not the slacker here.

Now that the paper’s done I can focus on the last two main events of my college career: HBM exam and ethics presentation/paper. Nevermind that I have to write some bogus five-page biography on Don Hewitt or take a couple (open book, open note) online quizzes. Piece of cake.

Not to mention that tonight is going to be the busiest, most hectic night of the semester at the Evergreen. Epic Mom’s Weekend issue: 24-page B section, with an early deadline, and 24-page A section. Loads of local content, including way too many mom columns that hopefully I don’t have to deal too much with. All the sentiments might make me vomit.

Anyway, we’re budgeting early today and I’ll probably be there entirely later than I want, but I can’t really complain because so will everyone else. I feel particularly sorry for our Lisa (copy chief), Melanie (managing editor) and Brian (editor in chief). At least I’ll only have to read the stories on my pages. They have to read everything.

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