The girl wants to talk

So, hell, I’ll talk.

Purely because I’m lacking blogging material lately (how many ways/times can I bitch about not having the internet? I mean, really.)…

I’m stealing this from Sleepy Jane. Well, not the post, but I am answering her questions as a post instead of a comment. Sorry, girl. You understand, right? I knew you would.

Sleepy Jane writes: 1. A lotmost of my bloggy friends are from different parts of the world, and it really saddens me that we will probably never meet each other because sometimes it feels like we would have really hit it off. But lets pretend that I will be wherever you are for a day. We will get to meet. Where would you take me? What place would you show me and where would we have lunch? Do you think we’ll have fun and what would we talk about?

I’d be tempted to take ya someplace nice, but, let’s be honest: That doesn’t really accurately represent the Basin. Not that it’s not nice here, we’re just not a fancy-schmancy crowd. So I’d probably take you to the BBQ Depot for some grub (I think the name says it all – YUM) then we’d go to the lake. Or, more accurately, the lakes. There are a lot of really gorgeous lakes around here and we’d hit as many as possible – fishing, swimming, sun bathing, camping. But then we’d have to hit a couple of the small town bars in Ephrata and Soap Lake, because, well, that’s what I do. Maybe that’s more than could fit in one day but a girl can dream, right?

Sleepy Jane writes: 2. Who’s your favourite TV series couple? Because I’m watching Alias (again) and I’m kind of in love with Micheal Vartan and Jennifer Garner, which is strange because I’ve never really liked either of them in any of the other things they’ve starred in. They have great chemistry on this show.

I don’t follow a lot of TV series anymore, but I’ve always been a fan of Monica and Chandler on Friends. And I definitely loved Ryan and Marissa on The OC (omg yes I totally watched that and yanno? I’m not ashamed.) … I’m probably going to have to go with Ryan and Marissa (until further notice) because they made me cry (on more than one occasion – again, I’M NOT ASHAMED) and laugh.

Sleepy Jane writes: 3. At any point in time we want something. Whether it’s something you can touch or not. Food, something to drink, something on etsy you have your eye on, something you’re wishing for a friend or family member, something for yourself (patience etc…), you know? What do you want right this minute?


A big Caesar salad (preferably with chicken). Wingers’ Sticky Fingers. A month’s (paid) vacation. The ability to buy a house we want so we can get all the dogs we want (current obsession: BEAGLE).

i. must. have. one.

Eh. I could go on but I really don’t have the time/energy/I’m still at the office (not on the clock though, don’t worry!) and Iwannagohome to the puppies I DO have.

6 thoughts on “The girl wants to talk

  1. Thanks for talking with me!! 🙂

    1. That sounds like a lovely day! 🙂

    2. Monica and Chandler are legends and I so wish I had all the Friends seasons.

    3. That beagle is so freaking adorable I want to die. OMG (I am such a freak for doggies!)

  2. 1) I really want BBQ now. Thanks.

    2) I never got Monica and Chandler — never made sense to me (even if they were sweet). And, as for the OC, I’ll be ashamed for you. :-p

    3) I went to a Wingers in Tacoma recently and it just was not as good as the (burned down) Moscow one. Now that I can’t have a good Wingers, I really want it, too.


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