Anticipating The Mom

It’s Friday, thus officially Mom’s Weekend. It’s also past noon, which means I have very little time to do a lot of things I still need to do before my mom shows up, including the dishes, emptying the garbage, a shitload of laundry (that will obviously still be in the process when she arrives) and basically cleaning my entire apartment.

But I’m very excited to see my mom and spend some time with her. Unfortunately I forgot to make our reservations at Zeppoz for the bowling tournament, so hopefully it’s still going to happen and we can go today to ensure our involvement in the tournament. Go Team Zink/Boyd. Bink? Zoyd?

Anyway, here’s a picture of Mom and I a few years ago at a Cougar football game. I’m not sure anymore what game we were at, but I like to think it was against the Oregon Ducks, because she so enjoys yelling “Fuck the Ducks!” with the crowd. Gotta love her.

Wow. I just realized this picture is actually from 2005. Time flies, I was a baby and am I really ready to graduate?

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