So totally not an overreaction

I have big news.

I’m talking big. Huge. Ginormous. INCREDIBLE.

You might want to sit down. Already sitting down? You might want to take a deep breath.

Actually, no. Scratch that. You should definitely take a deep breath.

Yeah, that’s it: Sit down and take a deep breath. Did I mention I have big news?

This post is coming to you via the internet (duh) DIRECTLY FROM MY HOME COMPUTER.

Yes, you read that right: At home. Internet at. my. home. omg

I caved and, faced with the fact that we have NO OTHER OPTIONS living out here in the middle of nowhere, bought one of those USBConnect Mercury internet connections devices through AT&T.

So far, so good. It’s a little (lot) slower than I’d like, but I kind of expected that since we don’t have the greatest cell coverage – we’re talking like two/three out of five bars here. Not horrible, but could be worse.

Anyway, it’s better than nothin’. Yessss yesyesyeyseysyesyesyes!

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