Big brother, little sister

For as long as I can remember, I’ve looked up to my brother. Even when we were kids and I was the annoying little sister (Because now? Well, now I’m the super awesome little sister) and he was the mean big brother (Because now? Well, now he’s the super awesome big brother), I secretly … or maybe not-so-secretly … looked up to him.

My brother is amazingly talented – he may work in a scientific-ish field (truth be told, I don’t know what he does exactly because it is over. my. head.), but he is an artist, through and through. The man can draw. And don’t get me started on his musical abilities (actually, his musical abilities are what prompted this post, but we’ll get to that in a minute). He is a creator. I am so proud of him.

In all actuality, I’m proud of him and my sister – my big sis is a beautiful, strong, amazing woman. And ummm HELLO she gave me the greatest nieces in the entire world. But that is another story for another post.

Back to my bro and his music. When he was in high school, he played the saxophone. To this day, I haven’t seen another silver sax like his. But then, I don’t know if he got bored and wanted to try something new or what, but he started playing the guitar. The rest is pretty much history.

Eh, okay, not so much history – because I’m pretty sure his brightest days as a guitarist are in front of him. He’s in a band and they’ve been playing shows – more and more of them lately. And I still haven’t been to one.

Enter the REAL reason for this post. He’s playing tonight and I wrote to his wife (best sister-in-law a girl could ask for, by the way, and also the reason I own Velvet) earlier this week saying I’d try to make it. No promise, but I’d try.

Enter bad little sister moment #1: I forgot. All week, I forgot. In my defense, work was a MADHOUSE all week, what with another special section and computer/software issues. Regardless of the excuses, I forgot. Until a little earlier, slightly before Yo called me to ask if I was coming.

Enter classic big brother guilt trip: “Thanks for coming and supporting me!” I know he was (at least partially) joking, but I still felt kind of bad. In my defense, Pete and I are scheduled to attend a wedding tomorrow early afternoon and driving down there (after getting ready because today has been laaaaaaaazyyyy) tonight and coming back in the morning would be somewhat of a pain in the ass. Yo assured me they’d probably be playing a lot of shows in the future because, as she said, they’re good.

Enter classic big brother ego: “Of course we’re good, I’m in the band!”

And yanno what? I believe it.