The day we tried to buy a house

Today was probably the most eventful Friday I’ve had since Rikki was here last.

It started off normal enough: woke up at, like, noon (hey, it’s my Saturday, get off me) and went outside to see what Peter was doing in the shop. He was changing the oil in the Dodge, if you care, but that turned out to be a bigger mess than it probably should have been, so we won’t go there.

Then we went to go look at a house that’s for sale. It’s practically in our back yard (and I’m only exaggerating a little). Three bedroom, two bathroom place with four acres, a shop, etc. We’d looked once (outside), weren’t sure what we thought so figured we’d go look again.

And that’s when shit gets crazy.

As we’re pulling into the house’s driveway, another car pulls in behind us – a car we’d passed on the way to the house. Turns out it was the guy selling the house, so he takes us inside to look at it. Awesome.

The outside of the house leaves a lot to want, but the inside definitely made it better. It’s not as big as the house we’re in now, but, hey, we’re renting (and kind of tired of that, by the way). So after talking to the realtor, we figure out it’s a VA house and with the financing available (we even called the bank to get pre-approved), we could afford the house no problemo.

As in, the mortgage including taxes and insurance? Couple hundred cheaper a month than we’re paying now.


So we figure, what the hell? Let’s see how far we can go with this. It’s not like we’d be signing a contract right then and there anyway.

By this time, Pete and I are both getting excited. The shop was big enough to fit all our vehicles and then some – umm, we have a truck, an SUV, my car, plus two VW bugs and a lil boat. Pretty damn big shop and of course Pete was stoked about that. I’m excited because the front and back yards are both fenced, we could have all FOUR of our dogs, the living room’s big enough to fit our free big screen TV (not sure I’ve mentioned that before on here but whatevs) … the list goes on.

And this realtor? Is all over it. He’s making phone calls, frantically trying to get us into the office, etc. Because there’s already another offer on the table. But it’s low, he said, so maybe we’d have a shot.

Long story short – we didn’t have a shot. The other (low) offer was accepted.

So in approximately two hours, I went from renting and, though growing tired of it, still fine with it, to getting pre-approved for a home loan and wanting to put an offer on a house to TOTALLY WANTING TO BUY A FRICKIN’ HOUSE.

Also, I guarantee I could get a good internet connection at that place.

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