By the way

Peter and I are in the process of renting a house in Moses Lake (the Mae Valley area, which pleased him because it’s not in town and it’s near I-90). We’ve been talking to the landlord and are trying to work out dates to fill out paperwork and pay the deposit and May’s rent.

It’s a two-bedroom, one-bathroom house. It’s fairly small but good enough for us. There’s a pretty big yard and I’ll be able to have Velvet there (!!) – it turns out the landlord, Tony, has a Corgi, too, so that worked out well. Apparently they’re going to put up a fence and make some off-the-road parking, so that’ll be nice, too.

I don’t have pictures yet but I’ll post them when I do.

No, this doesn’t mean I have a job in Moses Lake… yet. I’m working on it.

And you might be wondering, “What about the Spokesman? The Tri-City Herald?” Well, I’ve got my reasons for doing this and if you really want to know, ask. I’ll be glad to talk to you about it. But know I’ve spent plenty of time weighing my options, trying to decide if this is the right thing to do. The conclusion I came to is this: it may not be the right thing, logically, when jobs are considered. But it feels right. And that, to me, is really all that matters.

Peace and love.

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