Boredom reigns

So I re-themed the ol’ blog. Take a look. That photo, up there, at the top? Yup. I’m that cool.

Kinda looks like I’m … well, take what you want from the photo, but I guarantee it’s not THAT. My editor was trying out a new lens on a camera at work and needed a test subject; I made a face that made the photo absolutely not usable. But then I liked it and stole it.

That was months ago.

Also, follow @dailyevergreen on Twitter (if, yanno, you’re into journalism or Washington State University or whatever). Editor-in-chief Rikki made the account for my college newspaper, where I worked as a reporter for a bit but mainly as a copy editor.

Aaaaand since it’s been awhile …

Grace in Small Things: Join the battle against embitterment.

  1. Playing fetch with the world’s cutest dogs.
  2. Driving through town and feeling the sun on your skin.
  3. Your boy moving from night crew to day crew.
  4. Meeting nice people because (and only because) of your job.
  5. Surprise text messages from a good friend.

0 thoughts on “Boredom reigns

  1. thanks for the plug! it is such uncharted territory, starting with explaining twitter to al and helping him find out if he can stalk his wife on it.

    however, where did all this edginess come from?

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