La casa

Well kiddies, there you have it: the house Peter and I will soon be renting in Moses Lake, in all its beauty. As usual, forgive the poor picture quality – Pete actually took this with his phone then sent it to me. I wish the other one he took had worked (because I saw it on his phone) but unfortunately, it did not. I’m guessing by the time we actually move in it will look slightly different, assuming the landlord(s) do the work they said they’re going to do (off-the-road parking, a privacy fence and some landscaping).

Anyway, the plan is that this weekend I’ll head over to Moses Lake so the two of us can fill out the proper paperwork and pay the deposit and rent for May… then the place is ours.

I know it doesn’t look like much but we’ve got to start somewhere, right? And really it can’t be much, if at all, smaller than my current apartment. Plus it’s a house (no more noisy neighbors above me) for only $20 more a month, total, than the apartment. Not bad, I say, especially considering I can do my laundry at home (in the kitchen) instead of the coin-operated shithole down the parking lot.

Next step? Employment.

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