Well shit

My blog died Tuesday.

Kaci Johanna, the internet version, ceased to exist.

I have no idea what. the fuck. happened, but all of a sudden… everything was gone. Surprisingly enough I didn’t cry (even though I really kind of wanted to). I held it together.

I think I’d be a wreck if it weren’t for RSS feeds and a lot of my content being saved in there. Google saved my life. Or sanity. Maybe both.

So anyway, I’ll be adding a lot of that content from my GReader onto my new home here at www.kacijohanna.com (sans the /blog) over the course of the coming days/weeks, so bear with me. If your reader gets clogged with it all, don’t feel bad marking all as read.

But hey, maybe you didn’t read it the first time. In which case you should probably read it. Because I’m really very interesting.

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