Graduation, this time around, is hitting me a bit harder than it did back in ’04.

It’s weird to think that I don’t go to WSU anymore… I went there. I’m not a student – I’m an alumna (… By the way, does anybody know the proper use of alumnus v. alumna v. alumni? Seriously. Get it right people. If you’re smart enough to graduate from college, you should be smart enough to figure out that little piece of grammar).

It’s even weirder (more weird?) to think that I’m officially living in the real world… though I must admit, it still kinda feels like a dream or something. But I’ve got a job, a boyfriend with whom I live and a dog that feels more like a child than a pet. Peter even made the comment that “our little family is almost complete” – we’ve got one “kid,” a “daughter,” now he just wants a “son.”

We’re turning into Jesse and Yo! Which is totally fine with me – better dogs than children. Besides, what kind of mother would I be if I taught my kids to fetch the way Velvet does?

But I digress. Despite the fact that the last four years, in retrospect, seem to have flown by… well, Pullman’s kind of like Neverland. I thought it would never end – and not in the, “Oh my gawwwd, I’m never going to get out of here,” way. More like, “Life is amazing! I’m glad I never have to grow up,” way. Boyyy was I wrong. I feel like I was thrown out of some sort of Disney movie into, well, reality.

But in a good way. I know I’ll probably get tired of going to work every day, not getting paid enough (although right now, the pay seems pretty damn good to me) and not having Thanksgiving, spring and summer breaks anymore… but right now, I’m lovin’ it.

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