POW! right in the kisser.

Today was rough.

Hell, today IS rough. I’m just banking on the fact that it can’t really get a whole hell of a lot worse and maybe, just maybe, it’ll get better, so I’m putting it in the past tense. That’s the way you move on from shitty days, isn’t it? Put it in the past.

Today WAS rough.

First, a little explanation: I’ve been attempting to make some changes in my life that will get me away from this general feeling of unhappiness and discontent I’ve been experiencing. (Yes, I’m keeping this vague. Deal. Or, yanno, email me and maybe we can chat about it. OR MAYBE NOT.)

This morning, the biggest step I’ve made toward YAY! and away from BOO! was thrown directly back into my face with a big fat reject sticker. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

And I cried. Big, fat tears. We’re talking sobbing here, people. I was shaking with sadness.

And the boy, ever-loving as he is, came to the rescue. He reached for me to pull me into the hug I so desperately needed…

And misjudged the distance, hitting me squarely in THE FACE WITH HIS ELBOW.

So then I had a fat lip.

And I cried. Bigger, fatter tears. Because not only was my shot at less misery in my life blown to pieces, but I had a fat lip, too.

(Thankfully, the swelling has gone down, but I can still kinda feel it.)

I’m over it, though. Not the disappointment, but the general feeling of unhappiness and discontent. SO over it. And since my step toward YAY! and away from BOO! didn’t work out, I’m now looking for other ways to add more YAY! and less BOO! in my life.

So tell me: When you’re down in the dumps, how do you make life suck less? (And please, don’t give me the shit about “remembering what’s important” and “looking on the bright side.” I’m being SERIOUS HERE PEOPLE.)

Also I’m kindof surprised there aren’t a lot more curse words in this post. Here’s some for good measure: fuckshitasspissbitchhell. damn.

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