These are probably funny more in the oh haha you had to be there way than anything. BUT I’m lacking in the happy blog fodder lately so this is what you get.

The other day, the boy and I were discussing which one of us has more “game” (our single selves, that is, since neither of us has any game now) and after I insisted that I, indeed, have more of it, he came up with this little gem:

“Girls don’t need game, they have a VAGINA.”


With the colder weather and everything now, our house has been F-R-E-E-Z-I-N-G. We have a pellet stove (not my first choice but it’s what we’ve got so WHATEVER) in our house and I’ve neverever used one. Or seen one. Not to mention OPERATE one. So the boy was attempting to explain to me how they work.

“There’s a hopper on top and…”

“A hopper? Like a bunny?”

” … Yeah. There’s a BUNNY on top and it drops pellets down and the more pellets the BUNNY drops, the warmer it gets.”

Obviously explaining the mechanics of ANYTHING to me is a lost cause.

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