What Kaci Wants: The sweaterdress edition

For as long as I can remember, I have loved summer. L-O-V-E-D summer. What’s not to love? No school, days at the river/lake, sleeping in until noon (ummm hi, have we met? I’m Kaci and I HATE MORNINGS) … l-o-v-e summer.

But. Something is happening to me and I’m starting to fall a little in love with autumn. It’s not the colors (but pretty!) or the specials at Starbucks or any of that, really.

It’s the fashion. The boots, the dresses, the scarves. The boots. The dresses.

And lately I’ve been reading more fashion blogs (mainly YLF and Chloe) than I really should annnd. Yeah. Me want. (!!!)

So here they are, the sweaterdresses (from Victoria’s Secret because I only have time to drool over one site while I’m taking a break at work and besides I just got the Christmas catalog in the mail and OMGPLEASE) I’m loving right now (click the photos for more information):

Oh and hey? Before you say anything, I KNOW I’m all grey and black and NEUTRALS and BORING but yanno what? I like neutrals. I do neutrals. SOGETOFFME.

{EDITED TO ADD: Images broken/lost because of blog death issues. Only links provided.}

silk & cashmere blouson sweaterdress

deep cowlneck sweaterdress

merino wool turtleneck sweaterdress

marled cowlneck sweaterdress

v-neck cable sweaterdress

cotton rib turtleneck sweaterdress

cotton rib sleeveless turtleneck sweaterdress

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