On farming, success, and stupid, stupid people

I don’t typically get all worked up about posts on blogs – or anything I read online, really (unless it’s particularly hateful or ignorant) – especially when the comments in question aren’t on my blog. But this. This I have to address.

First, you’ll need some background. The post is on Penelope Trunk’s Brazen Careerist blog. I don’t have a problem with the post, not at all. Well, I mean I had a little problem with it. In fact, the only reason I found out about the infuriating comment (we’ll get there) is because I commented on the post and then subscribed, via email, to all subsequent comments… just, you know, in case someone commented about MY comment. I had to know. Yes, I’m that self-involved.

Moving on.

In short (because I know most of you aren’t going to click over and those who do probably won’t read the post in its entirety), Penelope wrote about marrying “the Farmer” and what moving her and her children to the farm might mean for, well, her and her children. She discusses her worries regarding her children and the opportunities a small town has … or, more accurately, the lack of opportunities a small town has when compared to a big city. And her worries about the future of her children and their success.

Okay, really? Just go read it so I don’t confuse you any more than I probably already have.

Done? Thanks.

My comments, after a brief “congrats” – because, really, she’s getting married! And that deserves a congrats! – was/is as follows: “I’m from a small town and, while I can agree with you that more rural areas are lacking many of the opportunities an urban area has to offer, I can assure you that growing up in a small town does not guarantee failure… which is exactly the feeling I’m getting from your writing here, that you are worried your children won’t succeed in life if they grow up in a small town. (Also, sorry for the longest sentence EVER.) There are a lot of things small towns can do for children that the city could never offer. I have complete confidence your children will grow to be happy, successful adults and they will attribute it to you and their upbringing, including where they grew up.”

And I stand by that. (Unless her children grow up to be drug-abusing failures, in which case, I was wrong about the successful part but hey, maybe they’d still be happy.) (But that doesn’t mean I think they will or would use drugs because they grew up in a small town.) What I didn’t say, though, was that the feeling I got from her post was that she feels as if her children would be destined for failure because they’d grow up in a rural area. And if that’s true, then logic follows that then kids who don’t grow up in a rural area are destined for success? Which obviously isn’t true. Obviously. I know plenty of city kids who are fuck ups and plenty of country kids who are shining stars.

But this isn’t about my comment. This is about a stupid, stupid, STUPID comment after mine. Because remember? I subscribed to follow-up comments via email. And this. This is what I received in my inbox this morning:

Your children will love spending time with the ‘big city girl’ your ex-husband marries in New York City. They will love the big city and all it has to offer! They will dread going back to a place with nothing exciting …. well you know ….. or I hope you know.

Just for fun, please paint a picture for us. A picture of you, your children, and the Farmer in the year 2015.

Are you having flashbacks from 1970s scenes of the three children Carrie, Mary, and Laura Ingalls frolicing down the hill on the farm from “The Little House On The Prairie?” Yes, the drama television show was the “Farming” equilavent to “Disney World.” They are fun to visit, but not a lot of reality. Have you even thought about it?

I belive the creative minds in the media create a make-believe world for those who need it and who are seeking it.  Disney World does it for money. Farmers do it for welfare.

“Farming” has always been a “welfare” business. It always has been. Look up the numbers. The math simply does not add up for a profit.

Anyway, enjoy the monthly U.S. Government welfare checks and the food stamps!

Lisa (permalink to this comment)

GOD. DAMMIT. I almost threw my BlackBerry when I read that because not only did I have a migraine but THAT’S JUST FUCKING RIDICULOUS. But then I remembered that, without the BB, I’d never be subjected to that stupidity in the first place (which almost made me throw it anyway but then I was like YIKES FACEBOOK and decided against it).

I don’t even have the time/energy to pick apart her spelling. That speaks for itself, anyway.

“They will dread going back to a place with nothing exciting … “

Obviously this bitch has never been to a farm. Or seen one. Or even know what one is. Hell, I haven’t spent that much time on a farm (AND HI I NEED MY STILLETOS thankyouverymuch) but even I know there is plenty of excitement to be had. Cows? Horses? Pigs? GUNS AND SHOOTING RANGES AND TARGET PRACTICE AND FOUR-WHEELERS? Hellooooo excitement.

“Farmers do it for welfare.” … “‘Farming’ has always been a ‘welfare business.” … “Anyway, enjoy the monthly U.S. Government welfare checks and the food stamps!”

Holy shit. Guys? Holy shit. SOME OF THE RICHEST FRICKIN PEOPLE I KNOW are farmers. Seriously. Loaded. Money coming out their ears. They wipe their asses with $20 bills. (I’m exaggerating here – OR AM I?!) Farming doesn’t make a profit? Really? THEN WHY DO THEY KEEP DOING IT? Why not sell their land (which, by the way, would make a huge profit) and go live happily somewhere not on a farm?

Oh, that’s right, because SHE’S WRONG. She doesn’t have a. single. clue. whatthefuck she’s talking about.

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