Clearing up some confusion

The posts that have shown up here over the last day or two are old posts – I was able import my older stuff from before I had (back when I was Off The Record, remember?). The rest I will be manually posting, so that all my content is in one spot again – and I will. be. backing. up. my. blog. (No, I didn’t back up before and no, I don’t want to talk about it.)

So anyway, that post about the blog redesign failure? was from ages ago. Sorry to my big brother and Lauren (and you, too!) for the confusion!

Just an FYI, though – I will be posting some things that were posted previously. I will begin each of those posts with “Originally posted…” followed by the date that content was originally, well, posted on This old content will, of course, be posted in between NEW and EXCITING posts about the HOUSE and dogs and omg my sister-in-law has puppies!

Thanks for understanding!

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