Bye bye, Ninja

We gave a kitten away Sunday.

Boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend (say that 10 times fast!) had been wanting a crazy, black cat for… I don’t know how long. She even had a name picked out for this kitten. Ninja. Our kitten, with the crooked tail, was a perfect fit.

She came Sunday to take Ninja to her new home.

While I won’t miss her attacking my feet if I want to walk around the house without shoes on, or attacking my feet while I’m laying in bed … or attacking my feet at any time … I WILL miss her. We could always count on Ninja to be up to some sort of shenanigans.

I’m sure she’ll enjoy her new home and mommy very much!

But we already miss Ninja.

She is, after all, the only kitten that’s gotten a name.

Speaking of which … ideas for names for the other two? There is “grey one” (below) and “long tail,” which we can’t really call “long tail” any more because, well, her tail isn’t really any longer than grey one’s tail and we only called her long tail to differentiate her from “crooked tail” (Ninja).

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