Good riddance

2009? Kinda really sucked.

I don’t have the energy (Seriously. It’s New Year’s day and, um, my family and I decided it was a REALLYGOODIDEA to stay up until 8 this morning. So energy? Is lacking today.) to do anything other than the wrap-up posts I’ve seen just about everywhere, so that’s what I’m gonna do. Copying and pasting I can handle. And that’s probably about ALL I can handle today.


I saw Disturbed in concert, bought my BlackBerry and a new pea coat, and discovered Grace in Small Things.


I discussed the weight of our own secrets, recalled one of the worst days of my life, had a pretty awesome Valentine’s Day, became miserable with my living situation, and mourned the death of my laptop.


I was pissed off and tired, but celebrated my love’s birthday.


Callie chewed up my shoes, tried to change my frame of mind, and shady activity in the neighborhood pushed me over the edge.


We started house hunting, discussed the difference between pro-gun and pro-murder, we got a new house, Callie was really ridiculously cute, we moved and I puppy-sat.


I didn’t have internet at home and my dogs were still adorable.


I had big dreams, looked up to my big brother and we tried to buy a house.


I kindof maybe definitely went a little crazy, the kittens arrived and I went to the Gorge to see Nickelback with my sister, sister-in-law and cousin.


I drooled over some beautiful shoes, we went on a day road trip to the mountains, shared more pictures of my dogs, and discussed what makes me me.


I started and thanked Lauren for her help, was really discouraged with life in general, tried to write for myself again, drooled over sweaterdresses, got angry about people’s narrow-mindedness regarding farming and small towns and set some life goals.


I started NaBloPoMo (and failed), we gave away a kitten, Callie got her first pheasants, I read a book, I compared my life to a song and couldn’t decide which sweater I wanted to buy.


I remembered my dad, left my job and reached out to/for a fellow blogger in need of some moral support.

What these posts don’t accurately portray is how truly unhappy I was, overall, in 2009. From our living situation in the first half of the year, to growing to dread my job, to almost going insane for lack of internet at home (which we still don’t have, by the way)… I was really stressed and really just angry in general all year. I suffered a lot of migraines, didn’t get enough sleep and cried too many tears.

Here’s hoping 2010 is happy for us all.

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