Picture this

In a small town, if you can call it that, not far from here, there’s a house on a hill. It sits well above the other houses in town, looking down at them (as opposed to looking down on them). The house has large windows, perfect for watching a sunset, a balcony and is in need of some updates.

It’s yellow. Bright yellow. It could probably use a new coat of paint (or four). The decor inside the yellow house is from the 70s, at the latest. But there are fireplaces – two of them, one in each of the two living rooms. There are three bedrooms, each with a large closet with sliding mirrored doors. The master bedroom, upstairs, has its own bathroom. The downstairs portion of the house is home to the third bedroom as well as a second kitchen, in addition to a massive amount of storage space, a walk-in cooler in need of repair, and a work bench.

There is a large laundry room with more storage than a young couple would need. Multiple closets are scattered throughout the house – coat closets, linen closets. The upstairs kitchen has two stoves as well as cupboards above the bar area that open on either side. The refrigerator is one of those with the large freezer on the bottom and the refrigerator portion on the top.

And outside? Oh, outside. Outside, the property extends to just more than three acres. There is a large (huge) garden area, a lawn and more flower beds than a 23-year-old girl who’s never gardened in her life would know what to do with – flower beds with brick borders, flower beds with lawn decorations, tiered flower beds. And the pasture is big enough for some horses to call home, if it had a fence.

A 500+ fuel tank is buried in one corner of the lot and the line ends up in the two-car garage.

The house sits empty and has the potential to be so much more than a house. This house? Could be a home.

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