Office furniture and, yeah, she’s actually going to work on the OCEAN

All I can think about is the damn office.

Not “office” as in work or my job. But the office as in the room in the HOUSE WE’RE TRYING TO BUY THAT I’M GOING TO MAKE INTO MY OFFICE.

(Caps completely necessary.)

If you don’t know me at all, know this one thing about me: I love the color black. Love. Black.

The office furniture we currently have (which, by the way, is in our bedroom which is fine because I’m not really on the computer that much since we DON’T HAVE INTERNET AT HOME – omg have I ever mentioned before that we DON’T. HAVE. INTERNET. – so it totally doesn’t ruin my sleep by being on the computer “working” in the room I should devote to sleeping) is black. Black desk, (small) black bookcase, black file cabinet thingy (eh, it only has one drawer, and then some shelves and we’re actually using it as a TV stand/file cabinet). Black computer. Black paper shredder. Black floor lamp. Black (and grey) desk chair. Black black black.

So, naturally, I want more black stuff. A big black bookcase, a larger black (okay maybe metal?) file cabinet.

Okay, back up here. When we first started talking about this house, I was like OMG I want nice big wooden office furniture! It’ll be pretty!

But then. I was like… um whoa. I like black. BLACK. I mean, wooden stuff is nice and all, but I really have a feeling that the entire rest of the house will end up hosting wooden… stuff. It’s country livin’, right? And WHO uses the office, between the two of us?


That’s who.

So I want black.

AND THEN I got all these really awesome photos from/by Molly (she’s starting a new job for a CRUISE LINE, as in on a CRUISE SHIP, so she won’t, you know, be needing many photos on her walls of her room on the SHIP on the OCEAN in the Caribbean/Central America/Alaksa/Australia). And they’re already framed! In black frames! And I have other photos from her, too, which I will put in more black frames! And then I’ll hang them all on my wall along with a New York City skyline poster (okay, okay, JIGSAW PUZZLE my mom put together and is going to frame for me). In a black frame.

I’m excited.

If you don’t have the right picture in your head, it might sound like my office is going to be all goth and dark and depressing. It won’t. I’ll take pictures to prove it.

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