On the Superbowl, moving and maybe freaking out a bit

I tried. I really, really tried.

Seriously, I tried to get into the Superbowl. I even went so far as to pick a side – saying that, although I don’t particularly like him, I felt the need to root for Reggie Bush and the Saints. Go Pac-10.

But sometime during the first quarter, the beginnings of a headache set in (though I’m pretty sure that has more to do with the fact that our washer and dryer make it sound like a helicopter is taking off from our bathroom). And before halftime even set it, I retreated to the bedroom and the computer… after taking a little dose of Advil, that is.

And then I saw the previews for the new Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton with Johnny Depp and holyshit. I love me some Johnny but WTF are he and Tim Burton doing to the classics? First they butchered Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (or is it Willie Wonka? I never could remember which was which) and now this? I am NOT. OKAY. with this.

But anyway, retreat to the bedroom I did… but I kept the Superbowl on the TV in here, too. I think I feel like I might miss out on something the rest of the world will be talking about later and y’all, I don’t have the internet so I get PLENTY of that already, thankyouverymuch. Like the new Facebook? Yeah, WHAT NEW FACEBOOK? I haven’t seen it. Bitches.

A few updates, because a couple of you might be wondering (and we all know how horrible I am at, you know, actually calling the people I care about and keeping in touch and all that)…

We’re still on track with buying the house. I’ve been a little stressed about it (because we’re BUYING A HOUSE) and had a mini-breakdown… but now the boy is MUCH more involved in the whole process. It’s going a little (LOT) more slowly than I’d like, and earlier today I had a thought: Today is February 7. We have to move out by March 1. THAT’S 20-ISH DAYS. THREE WEEKS. And then I passed out.

So yeah, there’s that little bit of stress in my life. I’m hoping to figure something out for sure with that whole ordeal this week sooooo… wish us luck. And come help us pack/move/clean.

Still love the job, still not going to talk about it in detail here. I will say that I still feel a bit overwhelmed and confused at times, but everybody I work with, including my bosses, are really understanding and helpful.

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