I am still reeling from the effects of yesterday.

I’ll start from the beginning, because my brain is too much mush to tell the story any way other than chronologically.

First, work was absolutely insane, including incidents with vomit and an unplanned fire drill. It was one thing after another and I was lucky I didn’t have any other large projects going on that needed to be completed, because it just wouldn’t have happened. Let’s just say that I was happy to leave at the end of the day.

I got home and nothing was out of the ordinary. I let the dogs outside and went inside to change out of my work clothes. By the time the boy got home from work, the dogs were inside and I was relaxing in front of the TV on the couch.

That’s kind of when all hell broke loose.

“What’s wrong with Sable*?” he asked me.

Um. What?

He proceeded to explain that she was limping and he saw some blood on the porch.

Cue freak out.

About this time, she had walked inside and I could see very plainly that yes, she was indeed limping.

I picked her up to get the pressure off the back leg that seemed to be bothering her. She yowled a bit and I could tell she was uncomfortable, so I knelt down to lay her gently on the ground.

That’s when I saw the grey hoodie I was wearing had an addition: near my shoulder, where Sable’s hind legs were when I was holding her, was… blood. I don’t mean that I was exactly covered in blood, but it was more than just a few drops. It was enough to make me gasp and, of course, begin to cry.

Obviously, we went straight to the vet, where she was examined and x-rayed.

It turns out Sable was shot with a pellet gun. The pellet is stuck inside her pelvic region, and it broke her femur. It was, and still is at this point, unclear whether the pellet struck any vital internal organs such as the bladder or colon. We are watching her litter box to be sure there is no blood anywhere. So far, it’s looking good as far as that goes, but it’s been less than 24 hours, so we’re still not sure.

We’re looking at a $500+ surgery to repair her leg. The vet explained they would remove the ball-and-socket joint and create a sort of false joint. Sable would recover quickly from that. If we opt out of the surgery, the vet explained it would be a painful process and added Sable might not fully recover.

Hopefully the pellet didn’t make contact with any organs inside… not only because the surgery would then be more expensive, but because it would, obviously, be harder on Sable.

I didn’t even realize how much I really love Sable until this happened… truthfully I’ve been talking a lot lately about how much I “hate cats” and “never wanted to have cats.” But as soon as I saw that blood coming from my baby, the tears were there without warning. I couldn’t help but to worry and I’ll be the first to tell you that I was NOT a pretty sight at the vet office. I may have broken down sobbing when they took her to be x-rayed and I my eyes may have welled up with tears when they confirmed that yes, the wound was from a pellet gun.

I am trying to wrap my head around the fact that somebody SHOT my CAT. At first I tried to be optimistic and wondered if it could possibly have been an accident. The Boy assured me that pellet guns are shot at close range. Very close range. Basically, they would have had to have known Sable was there and been aiming in her direction. And why would you aim NEAR a cat if you’re not trying to HIT the cat?

This wasn’t an accident. Somebody shot my cat.

Currently, Sable is secluded in a crate to ensure none of the other animals bother her and her healing process. We have antibiotics and pain medication, and I’m spoiling her with all the wet food (as opposed to boring, dry food) she wants. I’m trying to give her as much loving attention as I can, but she has slept a majority of the time since we got her home last night shortly at 7 p.m.

I really can’t understand why this happened, or why somebody would do this.

Other than, of course, the fact that people are incredible assholes.

*For those of you not familiar, Sable is our cat.

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