The one with good news

I have had a not-so-great week… including, but not limited to, the following not-so-great events:

I got sick. Like, super sick. Tuesday night was the Migraine From Hell, followed by some sort of stomach nonsense that left me feeling prettttty damn sure I was going to throw up. (Hint: I never did actually throw up. This is a good thing.) The Migraine From Hell continued throughout the week in the form of the Bitchface Headache That Never Goes Away.

I went to work Wednesday but left by noon. I didn’t go in Thursday and today? Well, my bosses made me go home early. One said “YOU SHOULD. NOT. BE. HERE.”

So I went home early.

And then there was Sable to deal with. (What’s that? You want an update? She’s doing well and I’ll be DAMNED IF WE’RE AMPUTATING HER LEG. That is all.)

And then there was all of this nonsense with the house-buying thing. UGH. Send paperwork, forget paperwork, can’t find paperwork and WTF more paperwork.

So then I really started to feel like Dr. Cuddy in that episode of House. You know, everything that can go wrong DOES go wrong and she finally says fuck it, right? “Tell him I quit.” I know I let the stress get to me early this week and I’m 95% sure that’s why I got as sick as I did/am… but I was ready to throw in the towel.

And THEN, just like in that episode of House when Cuddy is having… things started looking up. I got home early today to find my shoes from Forever 21 had arrived.


So of COURSE I tried them on and they all fit!

Double yay!

Pictures coming soon. (YES, Lauren, of me wearing them.)

And then I got a few emails from our loan guy and he had nothing but good news, so I called the homeowner of the house we’re buying and she’s nothing if not supportive of our attempts to move in. And by that, I mean she straight up told me to start moving this weekend.


Did you read that? THIS. WEEKEND. Tomorrow. She even asked if we had keys and I said no and she was like well shit you definitely need keys if you’re going to move in.

Okay so she didn’t actually swear like that cuz she’s a classy lady and all (and I’m so totally not classy) but WE’RE MOVING IN THIS WEEKEND.

Even if I am sick. Gr.

Also, it kindareally sucks when you call your best friend super super excited about moving into a house you’re trying to buy and she doesn’t answer the phone (because she’s on the phone with her mom or something? wtf.)

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