Straight shootin’

On my best days, I compose thought-out blog posts – each word chosen with a purpose, each sentence artfully constructed.

On days far from my best (and also far from my worst), my brain turns to mush hours before bedtime and all that’s left are bullet points:

  • Our new washer & dryer were delivered today. I have never been so excited to do laundry, nor have I ever washed and dried so many clothes, so quickly. I am in Domestic Girl Heaven.
  • The Boy changed shifts at work, effective today, to the night crew. While you might thing this is a negative, it’s actually a pretty good thing (aside from completely losing Friday nights with him, of course). But this way, we actually get more time together and the dogs aren’t left home alone nearly as much. And he was home for the washer & dryer delivery, so I didn’t have to leave work for that. Bonus!
  • I really, really, really REALLYREALLYREALLLyyYyyYyyYyyyyy… want another puppy. Emphasis on “ANOTHER.” Because, ya know, the TWO dogs and THREE cats we already have with us aren’t enough, and even the two chocolate labs we’re going to have (as soon as the boy builds a kennel outside the house) with us soon… well that just wouldn’t be enough, no. It’s just. Okay. I’m really falling in love with springers (Callie) but we’ve been talking about German shorthairs and OMG weimaraners and brittanys and and and AND PUPPIES! But for serious, The Boy wants a pointer (as opposed to a flusher – labs and springers are flushers) for hunting and I LOVE PUPPIES. I mean SERIOUSLY LOOK AT THOSE LINKS. I didn’t post them for the fuck of it, you know. CLICKCLICKCLICK. (Also I still want a beagle but pretty sure that’s not going to happen. This is either a really good thing or ABSOLUTELY HEARTBREAKING.)
  • The Boy’s birthday is coming up and I have nofreakingidea what to get him. I mean, if money were no object I’d get him goose decoys and a duck blind and a new pickup (oh my!) but WE’RE BUYING A HOUSE so money is, ya know, kind of an object.
  • Did I mention we’re buying a house? Yeah. That’s still ongoing. Looking good, but ongoing. And no, I don’t want to talk about it (any further than to say it’s looking good but is ongoing). Don’t even ask about that “photo tour” I previously mentioned.
  • Oh, and did I mention I love my job? Because yeah, I still do. LOVE.
  • I know 23 is young but I feel like I’m getting old. My LITTLE. COUSIN. (who really isn’t little at all any more and is actually at least a full foot taller than me (I may or may not be exaggerating here, everyone taller than about 5′9″ is TALL to me)) is graduating from high school this year and ohmygodwherethehelldidthelast10yearsgo?

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