Stuff I’m wondering/thinking today

  • How in the hell did so much laundry pile up in this house? There are only TWO of us!
  • … which reminds me. When The Boy and I bought our new washer & dryer, and I asked about the Electrolux set we bought, the salesman asked, “What do you need such a big set for? Do you have like 8 kids?” I said… “No, but I don’t do laundry often so when I do, I want to do all. of. it.” So that answers that.
  • I used to get so excited when the mail would come every day! Now I dread it. Bills bills bills. Yuck. Anybody want a pen pal?
  • We ordered a mini (laptop). I want it here. Now.
  • I HATE DUSTING! Anybody need a side job? I’ll pay you to dust my house. I’ll pay you in pizza and cuteness (via the animalias, not me, obviously). Seriously.
  • April Fool’s Day is stupid. Google changed its name to Topeka? COME ON.
  • I once fell for a Google April Fool’s joke.
  • Having spring break as a living, breathing, functioning adult human is awesome.
  • We’re having a housewarming party next weekend (AND I GET TO SEE MY BEST FRIEND). I’ve never been to a housewarming party. wtf are we supposed to do besides brag talk about the house?
  • Speaking of the house…

Did I mention we’re homeowners?

I know, I know, I still owe you a photo tour. I’m a busy girl GET OFF ME.

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