The (un?)fall of journalism

Together, Lisa’s recent post about the fall of journalism and Brian’s double post about the McClatchy cuts made me wonder: How is it that, amid all the cuts I’ve been hearing about, the Herald, as part of the Hagadone Corporation, has the means to eans to start the Chronicle?

While newspapers across the nation are cutting their staffs – the 13 percent at TNT isn’t even the worst of it – here I am, trying to get a new newspaper on its feet.

It seems my bosses have more faith in this venture than I do.

Are we crazy? Or is it bravery? Or something else?

I don’t know if the Chronicle even fits in this discussion. It’s almost as if Crescent Bar is completely cut off from the rest of the world in that the things affecting newspapers across the U.S. don’t seem to be affecting the Chronicle: Advertising is booming and continues to grow and the same goes for its circulation.

And maybe that’s what keeps me from sharing the fear of my peers. While Brian’s experiencing first hand the cuts in the industry and Lisa is seeing the disappearance of bylines and consistently thinner newspapers, I’m helping a new publication take off. Not to toot my own horn (beep, beep) or anything either, but it seems to be going pretty well.