What Kaci Wants: THIS.

Strapless Floral Corset & Tiered Mesh Mini Skirt

You can’t tell me there is anything but gorgeousness here. I want it all – the top, the skirt, the proximity to water.

The newest Victoria’s Secret catalog (we get way too many of them, by the way, even for moi) had a lot of stuff to drool over. A lot of it isn’t necessarily my style (like that, above? I’ve never been known to wear many things strapless or ANYTHING floral, but still… want!) but I love it anyway. These sandals jumped out at me. I’d get them in black! Of course!

Heart Thong Sandal

Meanwhile, I’m desperately trying to stay away from the bathing suits…

3 thoughts on “What Kaci Wants: THIS.

  1. ewww-ie, speww-ie….

    the top isn’t bad, but not in a floral pattern. (seriously?)
    the skirt doesn’t work at all, i mean come’on! what’s with all the frills-n-crap?! i don’t even think SJP would wear that to her SITC2 premier! As-if!

    1. I LIKE IT! I’m not ordering either part of it, because I know I couldn’t pull it off (because, like you said, a floral pattern? Seriously?) but I still LIKE IT! And you’re right, SJP wouldn’t wear that… it’s much too plain for her.

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