In which I feed my caffeine addiction

Let me just preface this post by saying this is not sponsored in any way. I’m not being paid for this, nor did/will I receive any free stuff.

I just love this deal.

My sister told me about this Gevalia coffee club last weekend, and I had to take advantage. The coffeemaker I had was, well, functional, but I didn’t use it because I always forgot in my rush in the morning to make coffee – it wasn’t programmable. Boo.

So I joined Gevalie Kaffee at Home, and got the coffeemaker pictured above, plus all that stuff listed above AND 10 coffee filters (their makers use a cone-shaped filter, but regular old filters from wherever would work just fine, I’m sure) for, well, $14.95. I actually didn’t know the 10 filters came with it, so I ordered another 40 for like $2 or something. Total was less than $17 and it showed up at my house – which is out in the middle of nowhere, by the way – really quickly.

The coffeemaker that comes with all this is usually $89.95. Not too shabby.

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