From circa 2004

We bought a new filing cabinet. Like, the fancy metal kind with a LOCK! and multiple drawers and zomg, I get to organize! (I previously had ONE dinky little drawer for all my important documents and, well, that just wasn’t enough.)

And so I had to remove my old “set of drawers” – you know, those cheap plastic things we all get while we’re in college. Only I still had mine. Since 2004! And, well, there was a lot more from ’04 in there. Like this following bit of writing from what I think was an English class, but who knows since it’s not labeled.

If I weren’t a student, I’d travel the globe, discovering and unraveling the world’s mysteries. Or maybe I’d be a dolphin trainer at Sea World, swimming with Flipper and his friends. I could be a master chef, and I’d create and cook up the delectable fantasies of my customers. I’d be a taste tester and I’d test all the tastes of fairy tale feasts. I’d be a tour guide on the mountain or beach, and I’d hike and explore all the beauty nature has to offer. I’d be a dancer, dancing my dance the way a dancer would do. If I weren’t a student, I’d be the queen of my world – I would rule and preside over my heartaches and heartbreaks. I’d be an office CEO and I’d sit and get fat and boss around the next CEO. I could be a champion golfer, swinging my worries and life away with each swing of my club. And when the time comes that I’m no longer a student, I could be a daughter, a sister, a friend, a lover, a mother – or a traveler, master chef or dancer – and I’d smile and laugh and cry and endure and live my life a day at a time.

I could learn a lot from my 18-year-old self.

When I first found all these papers – notes and essays and exams and who knows what else – I was like, well, to the shredder we go! And then I started looking. And remembering. And DAMN! I was a smart girl.

I mean, not to toot my own horn or anything… but yeah. I thought. And I examined and reasoned. And I wrote. God, did I write.

Also, I hated map tests. And blue books.

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