Velvet in Dayton

Thursday night after my last night of work in the sports section, I packed Velvet and I up and headed to Dayton.

Since we still don’t have a real yard – or a fence – for her to play in, she went crazy all weekend in Mom and Zack’s yard, sprinting in laps and rolling around like the crazy dog she is. In my rush to get on the road, I forgot to pack her any toys to play with… luckily there were a few at the house already from Yolanda.

Additionally, on the journey back to Moses, I managed to forget her dog food – the entire bag, since I wasn’t really sure how long I’d end up being in Dayton – at Mom’s. And her treats… Eff. At least she’s just as content, if not moreso, with an ice cube.

June 28 (or 29), 2008 – Approx. 11 months old

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