Flickr Finds Friday: Washington wheat fields

As a new weekly biweekly whenever-I-feel-like-it (but, you know, on Fridays, what with the title and all) feature, I’m going to post photos I find and fall in love with – probably usually from Flickr, but I’m not limiting myself here. I’ll try to make them themed.

This week? Wheat fields in Washington state. I grew up surrounded by wheat fields, and though I hated the area when I was in high school, I’ve grown to appreciate it now.

Next week time: the Blue Mountains.

Also: SHIT. Something went wrong with all the photo credits I had attached to these and *poof* they’re gone. Just like that. *poof* Gone. Vanished. INTO THIN AIR, I TELL YOU.

So, yeah. Shitfire. If you happen to stumble here and see your picture, let me know and I’ll fix it immediately. For everybody else, I DIDN’T TAKE ANY OF THESE PICTURES. None of ’em!

4 thoughts on “Flickr Finds Friday: Washington wheat fields

    1. @LiLu: I know, right? The one with the street sign… Pullman is the home of Washington State University, which is where I went to college. So OBVIOUSLY, when one sees that sign, they should go left. Obviously.

      Thanks for the comment!

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